Close To Local


 The “invisible hand of the market” alone doesn’t always serve the customer well. It assumes a well-informed consumer. With all the factors that we are told to consider before making a purchase, it can be overwhelming — Is it BPA-free, gluten-free, fair trade, shade grown, locally made? This site aims to tackle just one of those factors: locally made. Or more accurately country of origin, since what is considered “local” depends from where you’re reading this. Although I’m doing the legwork in the Toronto area, I’m sure you’ll find many of these products in your town too.

In this photo:

  • Mug – Handmade in Quebec, from Hugo Didier’s Not Made in China collection
  • Eyeliner – Made in Germany, by SANTE Naturkosmetik
  • Eyeshadow – Made in Germany, by Victoria Secret Beauty Co.
  • Eye primer – Made in USA, by Sephora
  • Blush – Made in France, by Rimmel London
  • Face Moisturizing Oil – Made in Canada, by Skin Essence Organics
  • Me – Made in Nova Scotia

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  • Hours of operation: Posting Monday to Friday (with some exceptions).

All photography & content by me.


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