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It may seem like eons ago but it has only been a month since we made those well-intentioned new year’s resolutions. Have you fallen off the resolution wagon? No need to panic. My first few posts of the new year are all about getting those health-conscious resolutions back on track c/o my favourite new (or newish) Toronto health and wellness shops.

Next up — Innate Wellness Health Shop.


Every time I visit this boutique, I can’t help but feel guilty that I somehow swindled a free naturopathic session. That’s because the staff here are actual healthcare professionals — naturopaths and nutritionists — who are passionate about educating the consumer. Co-founded in April 2014 by naturopathic doctors Kathleen Regan and Angelina Riopel, this shop at Dupont and Davenport performs double duty as both a natural wellness store and clinic. It houses a carefully selected collection of non-toxic beauty products, natural medicine and whole foods that are sourced locally where possible. Originally created to resolve the issue of patients feeling lost in the deep sea of supplements on the market, it has made the entire process smooth sailing from appointment to prescription to purchase. Now if only I could remember to actually take my supplements…there must be an app for that!


My fave picks (clockwise from the top): Leaves of Trees lotion (made in Toronto), Sahara Tea (Toronto),  Les Fleurs de Bach essential oil roll-on (made in France), Province Apothecary eczema balm (made in Toronto). I must say this is the first non-steroidal cream that has actually helped my eczema. Thanks for the recommendation Kathleen!


Doctors’ picks: Dr. Kathleen Regan’s loving the Indie Lee facial oil and rosehip cleanser (pictured above), while Dr. Angelina Riopel’s current pick is the Intelligent Nutrients anti-aging serum. Both product lines are made in the USA.


Doctors’ local faves: Dr. Riopel’s loving Province Apothecary facial serum, while Dr. Regan’s current favourite is Wild Rose Magnolia mascara. Both made in Toronto.


Staff  local pick (& also Kevin Drew’s fave): Yes, that’s right — not only do the staff, but also Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, loves Tequila Lime Body Butter by Wild Rose Magnolia (Toronto). Next time you’re at a BSS show, you may notice the sweet scent of tequila lime wafting off stage.

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All photography and content by me.

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