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Multipurpose Mason Jar

The multipurpose container: mason jars. Everywhere you turn these days, shops have repurposed the mason jar.

Mason jar lantern

Available at Pottery Barn for $11. Country of origin not listed on displayed products.

From mason jars as candle holders.

Mason jar planter

Pictured here at Periwinkle Flowers. Bernardin mason jars are made in USA.

To mason-jar terrariums for your succulents.

Union Restaurant

Photo taken at Union Restaurant.

And to vintage vases.

Mason jar mugs

Pictured here at Pottery Barn for $4.50. Also available at Canadian Tire for $2.50. Made in Mexico.

To mason-jar mugs.

Pictured here at Indigo. Various countries of origin. Can you spot which one is made in China?

Pictured here at Indigo. Various countries of origin: USA, Mexico and China. Can you spot which one is made in China?

 And as various other drinking vessels from tumblers to shot glasses.


Bernardin mason jars available at Canadian Tire. Regular 12-pack (500 ml jars) for $7.79 and large 12-pack (1L jars ) for $13.99. Made in the USA.

Call me old fashioned but I still prefer the traditional mason jar. It’s the cheapest option, can hold hot liquids (not all the above products can do so), is multipurpose and is made close to home in the USA. And with these handy add-ons (pictured below) you can easily convert those jars into lunchboxes and travel mugs. Great space-saving solution for tiny condo kitchens. Truly an all in one!

Mason jar caps

Pictured here at Evergreen Brick Works. Made in USA.

All photography and content by me.

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One thought on “Multipurpose Mason Jar

  1. I love these kinds of jars. As you’ve mentioned, they can hold so many things from hot liquids to flowers. Best of all, mason jars tend to be quite durable – they are made from fairly thick glass, especially the original ones. I’ve yet to break a mason glass or jug. Here’s hoping I don’t as they are so useful. Great photos for this week’s challenge 🙂

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