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Fashion Friday: Made in Portugal

Paul SmithModern-day relic: quality goods.

In this age of low-cost mass production, it can be difficult to find quality goods made closer to home (hence the creation of this blog). So I was pleased to learn in a recent issue of Monocle Magazine that the tides are a changing — at least in the garment industry. Apparently Portugal is gaining popularity in textile production since returning to a focus on quality and design. Consequently many European fashion brands, such as Paul Smith, have moved production to the country. So I took to the streets to conduct my own research (i.e. I went to my local Holt Renfrew). My findings were congruent with Monocle’s — I found Paul Smith shirts made in Portugal (and Italy). Stay tuned for next Fashion Friday when I set out to prove that Burberry and Fred Perry have also moved production to Portugal (another Monocle hypothesis).

  • Primary research conducted at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street West.
  • Secondary source: Lorenz, T. (2014, April). The Producers: Making a Name, Creating a Legacy. Monocle Magazine, 08 (72), 154-156.
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Paul Smith SuitAll photography and content by me.

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