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Coming to a neighbourhood near you

Little Free LibraryThe other day I posted a photo of a library to represent a modern-day relic for this week’s photo challenge. I took the shot in Cuba (click here to view). Internet access is rather limited and sporadic there, which may explain why the library was humming. However, there may still be hope for the rest of us, thanks to the little-free-library movement. People across the globe are hosting ‘pop-up libraries’ on their front lawns. This project combines traditional bricks and mortar with social media. I stumbled upon the little free library pictured here completely by accident, when I decided to take a different route home last week. Such a nice surprise. Coincidentally, the author of this week’s writing challenge has also posted a pic of a free lending library in NYC, so the movement must be taking off. Happy reading!

LFL sign

  • Little Free Libraries are made in the USA (or you can DIY)
  • Click here to find a little free library near you (yes, even if you live in Reykjavik)
  • Click here to watch how it works
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3 thoughts on “Coming to a neighbourhood near you

  1. Here’s an awesome little free library made from an old safe — my favourite so far: Find your favourite on instagram and post it here.

  2. Great idea! Our posts are very similar for this challenge. Here’s mine:

  3. I love this kind of public library.

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