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It’s Election Day!

Fairness WorksI came across this Fairness Works ad and had to take a pic. Their TV commercial grabs my attention every time after all (must be the catchy motown tune). Perfect shot for election day. The message: let’s not take a step back in time when casting our ballot today. Like most Ontarians (and Canadians), I believe our electoral system sucks to the point where my vote doesn’t count for much. But I’m still heading to the polls, otherwise I have no right to complain about the results, right?!  And apparently it’s a close race, so if we all show up it may make the difference. If you need to do a crash course on your local candidates before heading to the polls, find out more by clicking here.

Did you happen to catch the condo development in the background? This was unintentional, yet unavoidable these days. It only supports the rant in my last post about super-sized condo developments. Did you ever wonder where all that dug-up soil ends up? I didn’t either until CBC news raised the question last night. Apparently it’s not only Torontonians who are feeling the impact of the city’s overdevelopment (sigh).




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