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Paper made from Beer?!

EnvelopeSeeing as Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) is often dubbed a Hallmark holiday, I had to go there: the greeting card. I must admit I’ve never given much thought to where my cards (or any paper products) are made. It does seem rather silly to import pulp and paper products when more than half the country is forested (thank you NAFTA SLA). When I started to pay attention, I soon realized that plenty of cards are made in China AND elsewhere. Thankfully those made elsewhere are increasingly becoming eco-friendlier. For example, Canadian company Posy Paper Co is a triple eco-threat, made of 100% post-consumer waste with wind-generated electricity and printed with soy-based ink in Vancouver. (Actually that’s more of a quadruple threat, isn’t it?!) And American company Porrigde Papers Papermill & Letterpress Studio does it all from start to finish in Nebraska; even stepping it up a notch by making paper from beer. Now that sounds like the perfect Father’s Day card! And with bacon-flavoured paper, you have a whole meal. (Nope that’s no joke — PPPLS actually makes bacon-flavoured paper. Are they sure they’re not Canadian?) If you haven’t seen these flavourful products yet, you’ve definitely seen their plantable seed cards. So where to find Canadian and American made cards in Toronto?  Jacaranda Tree & Co (Mount Pleasant Rd) and Red Pegasus (College St) are definitely a good start. See you there!

Made in Canada, USA, et al.

All photography & content by me.

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