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If only it was always this obvious…

It’s only fitting that my inaugural blog post features Hugo Didier’s Not Made in China collection. Not only are his ceramics not made in China, but they are handmade in Montréal, Quebec with Canadian porcelain. The first time I laid eyes on this merch was a few years ago at the One of a Kind Show. Ever since then, I have been kicking myself for not picking one up. So a few days ago I finally decided to hunt down his creations in Toronto. This was no easy task. Rumour has it that he’s rather hesitant to distribute to retailers — after all it would render his “Cé Faitte Icitte” line a hypocrisy when sold out of province. Ben oui! I soon discovered that although only three Toronto retailers carry his products — The Drake General Store, the AGO and Ecotique in Roncesvalles — only the latter carries his Not Made in China collection. And again, the selection is rather limited with only mugs ($20), bowls ($20) and olive oil dispensers ($40). But, if you don’t make it down to Ecotique before the last two bowls are snapped up, you can always order his products online at Bon appétit!

Local availability:

  • Ecotique: Products form Hugo Didier’s Not Made in China, Made in Canada and P’tite Poutine collections.
  • The Drake General Store: Hugo Didier’s P’tite Poutine bowls.
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO): Hugo Didier’s P’tite Poutine bowls.

Hugo Didier’s collection as seen @ Ecotique.

All photos & content by Me. 

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4 thoughts on “If only it was always this obvious…

  1. Good to know that you can still find at least a couple Canadian made items around here. I wonder if he’d personalize the text 🙂

  2. Good question! I’ll ask and report back! 🙂

  3. Your question got me thinking. If it’s possible to personalize the text, I’d do something along the lines of those jumbled-word magnets — span a sentence over several different items like “don’t cry”, “over” & “spilt milk”. What think? Do we have a new collection here? 🙂

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